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Mother Nature in a Bottle


Aruba Aloe was founded on the incredible healing power of the Aloe Vera plant.  Each and every Aruba Aloe product is made with 100% Pure Aloe Vera Gel to hydrate and nourish your skin and hair.  But why stop at Aloe Vera?  


Aruba Aloe decided to look beyond its own verdant Aloe fields to explore the healing power of other plants as well.  The R&D department carefully selected a wide array of natural plant extracts with remedial qualities that would perfectly complement the benefits of Aloe Vera for an extra boost of skin and hair wellness.  These plant extracts were blended together with other fine ingredients to create the Island Remedy Collection.  


So, what natural plant extracts can be found in the Island Remedy Collection?  And what are their wellness benefits?   


Aloe Vera Gel from Aruba 

Helps to heal and repair damaged skin                  


Juniper Berry extract

Cleanses the skin                                          


Arnica Flower extract

Adds a fresh afterfeel


Lemon Grass extract

Cleanses the skin


Balm Mint extract

Adds extra freshness


Chamomile Flower extract

Soothes the skin


Calendula Flower extract

Soothes the skin


Rosemary Leaf extract

Purifies and tones the skin


Clove Flower extract

Stimulates the skin


Sage Leaf extract

Purifies and tones the skin


Comfrey extract

Helps damaged skin to recover


Soap Bark extract

Helps to tone and clean the skin


Hops extract

Helps to relieve skin irritation


Wild Cherry Bark extract

Helps damaged skin to recover 


Horsetail extract

Soothes and firms the skin


Yarrow extract

Refreshes the skin



We like to think of our Island Remedy Collection as Mother Nature in a bottle.  We invite you to try our Island Remedy products and experience Mother Nature's loving, caring, and healing attention.  


And don't forget...Aruba's inaugural Aloe Wellness Month starts in less than a week!  Check out our signature experience, Aloe Yourself to Happiness, designed specially for Aloe Wellness Month!  





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