We received two Internationally Recognized ISO Certifications


As a client of Aruba Aloe, you are very important to us.  In fact, the progress we make as a business is driven by our dedication to bringing YOU some of the best health and beauty products on the market.  Therefore, we feel it's important to keep you up-to-date on our achievements, as you play a vital role in inspiring them.  


That said, we are so proud to share the news of our latest achievement with you.  Reinforcing our reputation for excellence, Aruba Aloe received two of the International Organization for Standardization's prestigious certifications on April 1 of this year.  


The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) is the world's largest developer of voluntary international standards for companies.  These standards ensure that products and services are safe, reliable, and of sound quality.  The various certifications that acknowledge compliance with these standards are highly respected all over the world.  


After a rigorous auditing process, Aruba Aloe earned the ISO 9001 certification, which acknowledges the high quality of the company's management system.  Aruba Aloe had to demonstrate that all departments are well organized, employees meet high standards, and the work environment is suitable, all in order to ensure the quality of products.  


Aruba Aloe also earned the ISO 13485 certification, demonstrating that it meets the requirements to produce medical devices, namely, Alhydran.  These requirements make specifications about design and development, production, environment, safety, and trained personnel, guaranteeing the delivery of quality products.


The entire Aruba Aloe team worked diligently to achieve these ISO certifications.  Earning two ISO certifications in less than a year is a big accomplishment that we are very proud of.  Additionally, we received exceptional feedback from the auditing company.


Lastly, we'd like to THANK YOU, our valued client, for your continued support of Aruba Aloe.  With your support, we are able to continue our commitment to excellence, and we look forward to more achievements on the horizon.

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