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Human Resources


Since human resource involves recruitment, onboarding, and training, the HR department has a key role in ensuring that sustainability is instilled in new employees. This generally occurs during the recruitment and onboarding processes; however, the impact of instilling sustainability in our company culture will intensify going forward. An important part of this process is to focus more on social responsibility. 
One of the goals of the HR department is to encourage employees to participate in volunteer initiatives and activities. As a company, we should also look beyond ourselves and our needs, setting our sights on building a better world. Being good neighbors, expecting the best from ourselves, and ensuring our business decisions always positively impact communities, the environment, and people everywhere.
As a company, we believe that Royal Aruba Aloe already has an excellent track record of sustainability in the HR department. In the following, we elaborate on our HR department's already applicable sustainability policies.


One of the main roles of the HR department is to ensure the well-being of all Aruba Aloe employees. The HR department focuses on creating an open-door policy culture to ensure that all employees feel comfortable approaching our HR professionals regarding all aspects that can influence their well-being. The HR department conducts regular onsite visits to receive first-hand employee feedback to minimize potential organizational hurdles to open communication. This information is used to optimize the company's operations, but it also results in extra attention to the well-being of the employees.

The approach of ensuring the well-being of our employees is based on the principle that we consider all individual cases important and unique. Not all employee (well-being) issues can be tackled by applying standard policies and procedures. Sometimes, it requires a more tailored approach, a good example is individual employee loans with no interest rate.

Good health

Another important focus of the HR department is the good health of our employees. Together with the company doctor organization, the HR department ensures that all employee sick leave cases are reported timely and properly. This detailed process provides early warning signs for serious or chronic health issues requiring a more focused approach. In many cases, it also clarifies if sick leave is caused by psychological or social issues.
The Aruba Aloe company's additional medical insurance gives all employees the choice of 2 of the following 3 coverages; therapy (chiropractic-, physio, psychology-), dental care, or vision care. If an employee urgently needs treatment for which they are not covered, the HR department applies an individual approach to try and assist the employee. This personal approach is crucial if there are urgent psychological and/or social issues.

Education and training

An important focus of the HR department at Aruba Aloe is the training and development of the employees. Our company invests in external training and coaching of employees, including in some cases formal education. However, an important part of training and development at Aruba Aloe happens internally.
In the event of open vacancies, the company always assesses if current employees can be trained, developed, and coached from within to fulfill any vacant role before proceeding with external recruitment. This approach often results in an internal development/trial process. There are many examples of employees who have developed from line level to supervisory level and, in some cases, even becoming part of the company's top management. 


At Aruba Aloe, we strive to respect each other and promote fairness, diversity, and inclusion. Each person is a key player on our team, deserving respect. We appreciate others' varied backgrounds, skills, and cultures. We aim to never single anyone out for negative treatment and to be fair in all employment decisions. We also strive to base our decisions only on skills, qualifications, performance, and business needs, never personal characteristics.
Royal Aruba Aloe is committed to conducting business with honesty and integrity. We expect our board members, management, managers, employees, and consultants acting in the company's name to maintain high standards and uphold the values and behaviors per our Code of Conduct and the UN sustainability goals. 

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